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Lihense Electronic Co., Ltd founded in 2005 successfully operating in the international and internal market for Net working products and digital products. The company is directed by MR. Wong (President), Mrs. Jane (Vice pr esident) and Mr. Cole (Managing Director).

'Top quality and top service for a reasonable price', is our motto. By offering the best service, the latest technology and excellent value for money, we have attracted millions of satisfied customers with our impressive range of digital products .Want to learn more about us ? Click on "products" to get a full impression of our latest product line.



Lihense electronic Co .,Ltd is a young company with short history .also one of the best professional manufacturers of digital products in China. large-scale production, reasonable price, Cutting edge technology, Lihense’s products meet even the most demanding customer’s with higher throughput, better crafted reliability and a thorough dedication to service, training and support.



We possess R&D group with highly advanced technology. The garden factory building covers 3000 square meters. In the mainland market, we are specialized in R&D and manufacturing, and assigned by some national department in scientific studies.

We have drafted our bright prospectus with the spirit of unity, efficient work and research. We will strive to serve the society and perfect human life with our outstanding technology, high quality products and reasonable price. We sincerely invite worldwide organizations, distributors and ambitious persons to be our partners, and get ahead for common interest in the future.

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